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Varimate Resist Washers

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The Varimate Resist Washers are a unique formulation that provides flexibility and helps to improve pouch wear time.

The benefits to you...

  • Designed to help improve pouch wear time, the washers can be folded and used as a filler to help prevent unwanted leaks and potential skin breakdown.
  • As the name suggests, the washers are resistant to the effects of urine as well as the aggressive output from faecal stomas.
  • The mouldable washer can be increased in size, and will remain in the desired shape without breaking.
  • The washers remain sticky when rolled and stretched repeatedly, and also when wet.

Available on NHS prescription.

To download a factsheet on this product please click on the link below:

Varimate Resist Washers

Product Codes – Pack of 20

Size Diameter Product Code
Small 50mm dia/18mm starter hole VMR5018
Large 70mm dia/25mm starter hole  VMR7025
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Varimate Resist Washers


 VariMate Resist Washers