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Varimate Resist ‘Eye Shaped’ Washer

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The Varimate 'Eye Shaped' Washer has the same unique features and benefits as the Varimate Resist Washer. The 'Eye Shaped' washer helps to fill large irregularities around the stoma.

The benefits to you...

  • Designed to help improve pouch wear time, the washer can be moulded to form a thicker seal on either side of the stoma to help prevent unwanted leaks and potential skin breakdown.
  • The mouldable washer can be increased in size, and will remain in the desired shape without breaking.
  • As the name suggests, the washers are resistant to the effects of urine as well as the aggressive output from faecal stomas.
  • The washer remains sticky when rolled and stretched repeatedly, and also when wet.

Available on NHS prescription.

To download a factsheet on this product please click on the link below:

Varimate ‘Eye Shaped’ Resist Washer

Product Code – Pack of 10

Diameter Product Code
18-35mm starter hole VMR EYE
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Varimate Resist
'Eye Shaped' Washer


 Varimate Resist 'Eye Shaped' Washer