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UltraSmooth Plus ISC Catheters

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The UltraSmooth Plus hydrophilic coated nelaton catheter incorporates the latest technologies to produce ultra smooth heat polished and coated drainage eyes, providing optimum smoothness and comfort. Available in two lengths: 40cm (male and/or Mitrofanoff) and 18cm (female). They are available in various Charrier sizes to suit all needs.

The benefits to you…

  • A soft but firm green introducer grip is provided to assist with a more hygienic insertion and removal (available with the male catheter only).
  • Durable, consistently stable and highly lubricious, the hydrophilic coating ensures ultra smooth insertion and removal.
  • The durable hydrophilic coating resists ‘drying out’ unlike other hydrophilic coatings.
  • The coating is activated in water within 15 seconds.
  • ‘Finger holes’ allow primary packaging to be opened easily.
  • Integrated funnel for grip and no-touch insertion. Allows connection to a variety of external collection devices.
  • Adhesive pad on packaging allows it to stick securely to most surfaces for preparation.
  • Self-adhesive product information label for convenient patient record.
  • Foil packaging ensures that the product reaches the end user in optimum condition.

Available on NHS prescription.

To download a factsheet on this product please click on the link below:

UltraSmooth Plus ISC Catheter

Product Codes

Male Length 40cm – Pack of 25
Charrier Size Product Code
08Ch USP4008
10Ch USP4010
12Ch USP4012
14Ch USP4014
16Ch USP4016
18Ch USP4018

Female Length 18cm – Pack of 25
Charrier Size Product Code
08Ch USP1808
10Ch USP1810
12Ch USP1812
14Ch USP1814
16Ch USP1816
18Ch USP1818
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UltraSmooth Plus
ISC Catheter
Male Length 40cm

UltraSmooth Plus
ISC Catheter
Female Length 18cm

 UltraSmooth Plus ISC Catheter Male

UltraSmooth Plus ISC Catheter Female