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Colomate Mini Stoma Caps

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Our Colomate Mini Stoma Caps do not have an integral filter like many traditional ‘stoma caps’ but they do have a super absorbent pad designed to absorb moisture emitted from a defunctioned colostomy (mucous fistula) or to absorb drops of urine from a Mitrofanoff continent urinary reservoir if needed in between catheterisations. For support and more information on Mitrofanoffs please visit

Other uses include healing fistulae or sinus drainage which is often preferable to moist wound dressings which require frequent changing. 

The benefits to you...  

  • Extra thin hydrocolloid skin barrier with elastomers - enables greater flexibility, providing a softer more comfortable system.
  • No filter.
  • Super absorbent pad.
  • Beige non-woven both sides - prevents skin irritation by absorbing perspiration.

This product range is latex free.
Available on NHS prescription.

To download a factsheet of this product please click on the link below:

Colomate Mini Stoma Caps

Product Codes - Pack of 30
Stoma Size Diameter Product Code
Pre-cut 20mm 6cm CCS120
Pre-cut 25mm 7cm CCS125
Pre-cut 30mm 8.5cm CCS130



  6cm Diameter  
Mini Stoma Cap

7cm Diameter 
Mini Stoma Cap

 8.5cm Diameter  
Mini Stoma Cap