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All Ostomy Products

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Soft Convex Pouches

Horizontal Oval Soft Convex Pouches

Vertical Oval Soft Convex Pouches

Colomate 1-Piece 
Closed Pouches


Soft convex pouch

 Oval soft convex pouch

Vertical oval soft convex pouch

 Colomate closed pouch






Ileomate 1-Piece
Drainable Pouches

Uromate 1-Piece 
Urostomy Pouches

Combimate 2-Piece 
Ostomy System

Fleximate 2-Piece
Ostomy System

 Ileomate drainable pouch

Uromate urostomy pouch

Combimate 2-piece ostomy system


Large Drainable Pouch
Soft Convex Flange






Colomate Mini
Stoma Caps - New!

Varimate Resist

Varimate Resist
'Eye Shaped' Washer




Varimate Resist Washer

Varimate Resist Eye Shaped Washer


Varimate Wedges

Varimate Retention Strips - New!

Offmate Adhesive Remover Spray - New!

Gellymate Absorption Capsules or Tablets - New!


Varimate Wedges


Offmate Adhesive Remover Spray



All Continence Products

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Ultrasmooth logo  
MCath4™ Non-Coated Catheter
with 4 Drainage Eyes -New!

UltraSmooth Plus
Intermittent Catheters

Meatal Dilators


MCath4 catheter with introducer grip Ultrasmooth Plus ISC Catheter

UltraSmooth Meatal Dilator



Dilatation Catheters






Ultrasmooth Meatal Dilatation Catheter