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UltraSmooth Aqua Catheter With Water Sachet - New!

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The UltraSmooth Aqua hydrophilic coated catheter with water sachet is coated with a safe and reliable hydrophilic coating which, when hydrated by the water released from the water sachet, becomes highly lubricated. In addition, the smooth eyes have been specially processed for a safer and more comfortable insertion and removal. Available in three different lengths: 40cm (male), 14cm (female) and 34cm (paediatric). They are available in various Charrier sizes to suit all needs.

The benefits to you…

  • Integral sterile water sachet to activate the hydrophilic coating. Easy to use, ready to go.
  • A soft but firm green introducer grip is provided to assist with a more precise and hygienic insertion (available with the male and paediatric catheter only).
  • Safe and reliable hydrophilic coating activated in 15-30 seconds, remains smooth and highly lubricated from insertion to removal.
  • Ultra Smooth staggered heat polished drainage eyes, engineered to an exceptionally smooth finish to avoid the risk of urethral trauma. Noticeable comfort on insertion and removal.
  • Self-adhesive product information label for convenient patient record.
  • Dual purpose self-adhesive tab for easy catheter access and attachment to a convenient surface.

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0800 652 0424

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UltraSmooth Aqua Catheter


Product Codes


Male Length 40cm – Pack of 30
Charrier Size Product Code
08Ch USA4208
10Ch USA4210
12Ch USA4212
14Ch USA4214
16Ch USA4216
18Ch USA4218


Female Length 14cm – Pack of 30
Charrier Size Product Code
08Ch USA1408
10Ch USA1410
12Ch USA1412
14Ch USA1414
16Ch USA1416
18Ch USA1418


Paediatric Length 34cm – Pack of 30
Charrier Size Product Code
08Ch USA3408
10Ch USA3410




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 Four drainage eyes