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UltraSmooth Aqua Tiemann Tip Catheter With Water Sachet - New!

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Designed specifically for males the new UltraSmooth Aqua Tiemann Tip catheter with water sachet has a curved, angled upward tip to assist in negotiating the upward bend in the male urethra. This feature also assists with the passage of the catheter through the bladder neck if there is obstruction from an enlarged prostate. Available in a 40cm male length in various Charrier sizes.

The benefits to you…

  • Integral sterile water sachet to activate the hydrophilic coating. Easy to use, ready to go.
  • A soft but firm green introducer grip is provided to assist with a more precise and hygienic insertion.
  • Safe and reliable hydrophilic coating activated in 15-30 seconds, remains smooth and highly lubricated from insertion to removal.
  • Ultra Smooth staggered heat polished drainage eyes, engineered to an exceptionally smooth finish to avoid the risk of urethral trauma. Noticeable comfort on insertion and removal.
  • Notch on funnel to show the alignment of the Tiemann Tip while being inserted.
  • Self-adhesive product information label for convenient patient record.
  • Dual purpose self-adhesive tab for easy catheter access and attachment to a convenient surface.

Available on NHS prescription.

To receive complimentary samples of the UltraSmooth Aqua Tiemann Tip Catheter please call:

0800 652 0424

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To view the product leaflet please click on the link below:

UltraSmooth Aqua Tiemann Tip Catheter


Product Codes

Male Length 40cm – Pack of 30
Charrier Size Product Code
10Ch USAT4210
12Ch USAT4212
14Ch USAT4214
16Ch USAT4216




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 Four drainage eyes